subscription overview
GGE is a not-for-profit production group.
go genre everything offer an annual subscription to allow all the people of the earth a chance to participate in the go genre everything project. Subscription is limited to 100,000 (one-hundred-thousand) applicants and is open to all people everywhere. If you are interested in supporting go genre everything the first thing to do is to subscribe. Subscription is one of the main methods go genre everything have of gaining cash money influx and it is also the best way in which GGE can continue to provide the planet earth with such excellence in audio visual visceral communications.




for individual subscription


The cost for individual subscription is five ($5) dollars per anum (year) this works out internationally as follows due to administration, conversion and indexing.


When an individual person subscribes to Go Genre Everything, they are Providing Go Genre Everything with the main source of fiscal influx which in turn allows GGE to continue to exist, expand and express the nature of what is Go Genre Everything. As a subscriber, You will have a secret password and special Go Genre Everything alternative identity. By using this where available you will be able to access the preview sections of the go genre everything network, allowing access, sometimes an eternity before the mainstream, to the completed full quality GGE related works. You will also be able to apply for go genre everything related things as a subscriber of go genre everything, therefore, wherever possible a reduced cost will apply, as all members of the GGE support team access GGE materials at cost price or less. Also you will be allowed full rights of not-for-profit copy and transmission of all GGE related material, provided that you in no way use this material in any way which is unreasonable or which is contrary to the goals, aims, aspirations, spirit and dreams of go genre everything.

This is in no way to be regarded as a legal document. If You would like to examine somthing a bit more official and letigious then try this link.

Essentially a subscriber gains whatever it is that GGE can reasonably give, as defined by GGE, but most importantly a subscriber sees to it that Go Genre Everything continue to operate in a way unfettered by market forces, financial realities or cynical commercial censorship.


Here at GO GENRE EVERYTHING we have come to a sad and potentially scarey realisation, being that it seems that within the province of Australia, and being the particular sort of media workers which make up the personnel of GO GENRE EVERYTHING and the particular sort of work which is made, by the aforementioned, the chance of ever being fiscally secure due to the constant turnover of saleable artifacts, without transnational or omniglobal networking and distribution, is very low.

Subsequently a different direction has been chosen by the management ofGO GENRE EVERYTHING in an attempt to continue to expand and invigorate operations world wide. This direction as has been previously mentioned is subscription.






How do you do it?

To subscribe just contact Go Genre Everything.
supplying the following information.

Real name
Alternative identity
Email address
Duration of subscription
Miscellaneous details

Go Genre Everything will then reply, to organise method of payment and verify your particulars.

Currently Subscribers outside of the GPAZ of Australia can only pay via well concealed cash, cheque or money order.

Subscribers within Australia can directly transfer funds into a special GGE bank account, as well as all the devices described above as well.

Please read the quasi-legal disclaimer and agreement before subscription.

Subscription will commence from the day that GGE completes the processing of your application. On this day You will recieve an email asking you to activate your online account.