1. electro swamp fuzz froth beat
  2. post-psychotic android foxtrot
  3. new wave boogie samba death metal squirt
  4. hard cash trunk snot punk
  5. psychedelic black metal new waste tone poems
  6. shit grammar emo-spore waltz neurosis
  7. rock and roll nautical semen anal sex farts
  8. yeast grind fungal group
  9. funk + jungle = fungle
  10. easy listening sci-fi metal overload
  11. grind hop grunge flab
  12. spew trance boot scoot
  13. positive new age toilet trance
  14. emo core electro funk shit hop
  15. wheat hop
  16. post soul evil chunk meat hop
  17. ambient rock stomp jungle smack
  18. industrial post soul nightmare waltz
  19. insert genre here
  20. rocking toast spigott
  21. anus suck jazz dance tap
  22. country fuck rope urban dubious
  23. rural drum and bass r&b sickness
  24. Jungian archetype bass lift rap hose
  25. post rap splat alternified poop wank
  26. yeast hop
  27. drum and yeast
  28. above ground gothic surf wave epoch
  29. fairy fist sewerage nu metal rockabilly
  30. classical clitoris spock groove beat
  31. post bat cave blue note bag lady ragamuffin crumpet
  32. post psychotropic rock postie
  33. post male indie grrrl prepubescent woofta house
  34. garage blues techno roots gabba
  35. low fi clone folk
  36. acoustic world loaf cheese skunk
  37. mystic gypsy tribal erection flunk
  38. cannibal noise prerecorded art poo vampire
  39. post future low lace retro
  40. commercial dance DNA thief wank
  41. transcendental hard house death metal trance
  42. dental gypsy folk acoustic commercial trance
  43. speed acid trance metal dickhead
  44. house friendly epic speed beat trap
  45. phat bass spew ride
  46. traditional experimental country blues shock farts (dickhead)
  47. trad-ex countrified loop blunder
  48. old school space retro gypsy
  49. house garage lounge bedroom kitchen toilet backshed fuck you
  50. lofi noise world carpet contemporary
  51. post poo experimental underground art noise wank
  52. noise art poo tribal clone
  53. prerecorded art poo vampire
  54. born again christian vampire gothic
  55. virtual piss pop experimental elevator dance
  56. virtual piss pop grunge shit hop (metal)
  57. controvertable alternative reggae piss pop
  58. lofi bitch house
  59. double-grunge thrash
  60. punk tinge lofi crap house
  61. jet-set undead sci-fi romance