Domestic Dreams and Robots

A Concept Seven Inch Vinyl Record by Go Genre Everything

In 2012 Go Genre Everything release the concept seven inch vinyl record, entitled
" Domestic Dreams and Robots "

"Domestic Dreams & Robots" was launched in Melbourne a KIPL on the 13th of October 2012
The Launch is being reported as a videogram available for viewing from the internet.
It was video recorded using a standard GGE method of multiple unsynchronised video cameras. These streams were synchronised and brought together to imply a dream.

                     Poster for the GGE DDR Launch 2013this is a poster for the launch on a door

The record is enclosed in a human constructed sleeve.
    DDR covers in production

Sleeves in 100% recycled sustainably managed post consumer human bone tissue

It has a collage photograph on one side

sleeves of DDR

and a print on the other. Originally in Black on White, appearing here in full gaudy tastelessness...

gaudy DDR symbol

Here is what GGE have to say about the collage cover.

The juxtaposition of images that create the collage on the cover of Domestic Dreams and Robots is an attempt to provoke thought along the lines of what the current heterosexual western white first world domestic dream involves.

Domestic Dreams and Robots Collage Cover

The two central figures are seen gazing at each other in an adoring and mildly suggestive fashion. They may appear to be focussing on each other, but in truth it is far more likely that they are lost in their own ideas and dreams about who or what the other person is and what they represent as far as the ultimate goal of domestic bliss is concerned.

These two figures are echoed by other pairs of figures that reinforce images of love and/or marital/spousal heterosexual white bliss.

The tape reels behind the central figures heads represent the loops that run inside their heads/neural networks. These are partly conditioned and partly personal. To some extent we all run on automatic and often don't question inbuilt learned assumptions about our own and others' dreams and desires. The automatic nature of these thinking patterns is one area where the (album name's) reference to robots is relevant. Robots are generally associated with automatic and pre-programmed functioning and behaviour.

There are other external "robots" in the collage as well. Cars, slot machines etc. Often many robots are considered necessary for the successful functioning of the domestic dream. Kitchen appliances, power tools, communications devices, surveillance devices (on pets etc). Technology is a big part of the domestic dream.

Also featured in the collage are some of the possible realities that may be likely to occur once the initial excitement of "settling down together" passes. The man is seen sitting in a lounge chair reading a paper and fairly oblivious to the outside world. As well, the end of the penis is covered with the whistle from an old fashioned kettle, suggesting that the domestic and usually monogamous arrangements of a traditional marriage may make him feel restricted/censored sexually. The woman is seen drinking and wearing sexually alluring clothing in an attempt to arouse the waning sexual interest of the man.

The drinking lady could also be a reflection of part of the central female figure's thoughts. She may be "thinking with her clacker" as far as her choice of man is concerned. (And while appearing to look at the male central figure, is actually looking past him at the large penis). Similarly, the large flaccid penis behind the man's head is a suggestion that he may be "thinking with his dick". (And while appearing to look at the female central figure, is actually looking past her at the scantily clad drinking lady).

The child is holding a present and wearing a helmet that looks like it is maybe attached to an explosive device. She is the timebomb as she is the result of both of the parents shattered dreams and disillusionment. Which will likely explode as the child grows up with all the weight of unrealistic expectation on her head, born from the lack of contact with reality the parents had when she was concieved.

The domestic dream breeds nightmares.

The car has an eye on it (as does the slot machine) as it becomes a character in the play the parents are acting out. It is an important status symbol and can become just as important as the real people involved. The robots are an integral part of the domestic dream.

She is hanging out washing. That is really boring and unromantic. And ignored in the initial rush of dream/blood to the head/genitals. He is just one of many (the row of identical cowboy mannequins at the top of the image) and his individual needs and interests become subordinate to the dream. It doesn't matter who he is to start with, he will turn out the same in the end. Locked into a limited series of movements, behaviours and activities as is expected of him.

"Little boxes little boxes little boxes all the same."
Malvina Reynolds (1900- 1978)

The left side of the image contains all the female figures, and all the male figures are on the right. (Apart from the female figure who is cut off at the top right of the image, who is manipulating the series of male mannequins). This reinforces the dichotomy between male and female in the realisation of the domestic dream. Each has expectations of themselves and the other, based largely around gender lines. Transgression from these norms and expectations is punished. The punishment may occur from one partner to another, or by each partner towards themselves.

Below is the image of the full colour version of the inner sleve insert which  GGE have published here for you to download and print, and place inside your concept seven inch vinyl recoding, to replace the greyscale version which ships with your original copy of "Domestic Dreams & Robots"

Go Genre Everything

Some Technical Notes
Domestic Dreams and Robots was recorded at two different locations.
The instruments were recorded at MGH studios on multiple channels but at the same time, giving the recording the fluidity of a live performance. Afterwoods, at Little Gold studio the vocals were recorded simultaneously on a special triple microphone system which was then layered together to create a multi-tracked vocal ensemble. 

go genre everything
Microphones used in vocal arrangement

Recording Complete, it is time to mix and master for vinyl. To do this Go Genre Everything call in Simon Grounds for some friendly advice.

Finally complete, it is sent to the record plant for reproduction.

It was reviewed and we have mirrored some of the reviews here

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